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Managing records
Businesses organizations generate huge volume of records which represent highly important information for the company. These records are stored by the companies because they need to be referred in the event of an emergency or some business transaction. It is better to enlist the service of a professional company for its safekeeping. We represent just what is required by big and small business organizations to manage their records.

Clean and highly secure facilities are provided by us to the organizations to store the documents and records. They can be easily retrieved by the customer whenever required without any hassles. Our storage facilities have been custom built to store records in an efficient manner.

Facilities offered

• All the documents are protected against fire damage because we have used fire resistant materials in the construction of our storage facilities.
• We employ security personnel who are aided in their job through round the clock video surveillance.
• Access controlled system prevents the entry of any unauthorized person into the facility. Our security systems also use the latest technology.
• Wireless smoke detectors and automatic fire suppression system eliminates the risk of any accidental fire.

We have a large fleet of cargo and pickup vans for the pickup and delivery of the records. We do not leave the vehicles unescorted. Our experienced employees who have signed a non-disclosure agreement are entrusted with the job of escorting the vehicles.

How to access the records?
The customers can access the records after a client-identification process which is initiated after a request for retrieval is received by us. In order to ensure the security of the records, no one is allowed to carry cell phones, camera and other kind of device inside the facility. We also provide an on-site review room for the records.
Our service combines both availability and confidentiality of the data.


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