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Heavy machinery movement
Industries and businesses often require very heavy equipments to be transferred from one place to another. Often an entire plant is relocated and this entails the shifting of equipments that are oversized and weigh in tones. Generators, motors, manufacturing units, etc. are all heavy equipments and require special vehicles and personnel to load and transport to another location. We not only provide relocation services of household items and commercial business supplies but are also experts in shifting heavy machineries. Our knowledge and technical know-how of heavy machinery shifting is enormous as our past clients have found out to their benefit.

Safe and secure
We load, transport and unload the heavy machineries of our clients in a professional and safe manner. Highly trained personnel who have years of experience in this fielded are employed by us to supervise the loading and unloading process of the equipments. We also employ cranes and other equipments that are required for this delicate process. Our experts ensure that the equipment is protected against damage and safely secured for the transportation.

We are aware that the heavy machineries are of extra large dimensions and hence require special vehicles to safely transport them to the destination. We use modern trucks and trailers that are fully capable of transporting these items for long distances across the country. The dimensions of the heavy machineries determine the weight of the trailer required for the job. Our technical experts can be relied upon to inspect the cargo and work out a suitable vehicle that can safely carry it from one place to another. The technical experts will supervise all the stages of transfer such as loading, securing and unloading.

Rate We offer reasonable rates depending upon the type of heavy machineries that are being transported based on weight and dimensions.


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